Google Tasks - They should do better than that

Google Tasks recently experienced a bit of a re-launch. It now fits with the Material Design theme that has been so successful in Google’s other products, and that’s great.

Apart from the fact that it doesn’t really do anything apart from allow you to make the same sort of lists you were able to do years ago.

As a result, it’s languishing with a low 3 star rating on Google Play.

This is crazy. Tasks should be a hot property for Google.

Think about it: Google gets their money from selling advertising space. They are successful because they claim to be able to target potential customers more precisely.

But the adverts we get are bad.

Ever had that thing when you’ve bought something online and then suddenly you are pelted with adverts for that thing everywhere you go? If you’ve just bought it, then it is the least likely thing for you to buy at this time because you’ve already got it. And if we just checked it out online and didn’t buy it, then we’ve probably already made the decision not to buy it and so it is once again a wasted advertisement.

Honestly, the only time in which our browsing history should produce suggested adverts is when we are putting off a purchase and need reminding about it; the rest of the time, it’s a wasted opportunity.

That’s where Google Tasks comes in. Tasks are things we plan to do in the future, so they should produce the most valuable data for advertisements. Planning to buy a kitchen sink in the near future? You’ve probably written that on a list somewhere. If Google had that info, they could link you up with a whole range of different places hoping to sell you a sink - and the adverts would actually help you, rather than just irritating you with stuff you already bought.

Moreover, a task list can show Google when you NO LONGER REQUIRE such an item. As soon as you tick it off your task list, it becomes a useless thing to advertise, because chances are you’ve just bought it somewhere or decided not to get it after all. As such, Google can target you with more useful adverts instead.

So, come on Google, here's a few tasks for your list:

- embed Assistant into the thing;

- make a dedicated web version as good as the recent Gmail revamp;

- add a shed load of features (dark theme, repeating tasks, comments, attachments, stats and records);

- unify your different list services (Assistant lists, Shopping list, Google Keep lists, Google Tasks)

- and use that info about our future intentions to actually make adverts that work for us.

(Disclaimer: ideas are cheap; execution is everything)


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