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Everything wrong with ChromeOS in 2018

Sometimes it is only when you start using something as your daily driver that things start to crop up. Here's what I've found from two weeks on ChromeOS in the form of a series of questions - because someone really needs to sort out the answers.

And, if you're interested, the ChromeOS device is a Pixelbook, so no excuses.


- Why can't I set alarms using Assistant on a Chromebook?

- Why does a Chromebook need an assistant button, when we could just press and hold the search key, just like we already do on Android?

- Why can't the media play/pause button control the media that is playing, rather than just the media in the foreground window - this flies against the very need for a media button in the first place; if I can see the button there on screen, I don't need a hardware control.

- WHy DOesn't CHromeOS COrrect DOuble CApitalised LEtters AT THe STart OF WOrds?

- Why can't we automatically sort the apps on the app drawer on ChromeOS?


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