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Google hardware needs a 'Labs' label

Google have acquired a bit of a reputation for abandoning products. Some deservedly (Allo, Clips, Google+) but some less so (Reader, Chromecast Audio and, dare I say, Daydream). Daydream is dead, with Google's own Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 dropping support in 2019 And, sure, we all get it: sometimes products need to go. Sometimes it is better to cut the losses and move on. But the thing is, do it too often and the user starts to doubt what you're really invested in. And so will developers. Take Stadia, for example. Google's upcoming cloud-gaming platform seems impressive on paper and there are few companies, save Amazon and Microsoft, who have enough server backrooms to make such a project happen. Microsoft seem behind Google on their own cloud-gaming project and Amazon have nothing, so you'd think Google had a good chance of making it a reality. Google Stadia is Google's big bet on cloud-gaming But you know what I keep seeing on every comments section on ev

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